Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Why do I love the City of St. Louis?

1) On Monday, my fiancee' and I heard "Peace Tonight" by the Indigo Girls.

Do you know where?

In the menswear department at the JC Penney in Hampton Village.

Although it's not the biggest Penney's around, it is still a pretty decent store. We found nice argyle socks marked down to $3.99 a pair. I love argyle socks.

According to the City's official history of the neighborhood, the JC Penney store was built in 1950, making it one year older than the late lamented Southtown Famous-Barr store.

2) St. Frances Cabrini Academy is the new name for the Roman Catholic elementary school at 3022 Oregon Ave and Arsenal St, which I pass by almost daily on my way to the bus stop. It serves six South St. Louis parishes now, and is perhaps one of the most diverse Catholic schools around. On the playground I've seen white, black, Asian, and Hispanic children, which is indeed reflective of the surrounding neighborhoods. Now that Garfield School on Wyoming St. at S. Jefferson Ave. is closing, St. Frances Cabrini is the closest thing to a 'neighborhood school' by my house.

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