Tuesday, August 24, 2004

This morning's Post-Dispatch reports the death of Carrie Lindsey, who wrote for the inaugural issue of theCommonspace, and was better known as the creator of the former NoisyPaper and the former noisemakers Yahoo group, catered to alternative musicians. Publications like Playback St. Louis carry on the tradition.

Her husband Mike Shelton, 54, and their 14-year-old daughter Emily, about to start school at Webster Groves High School, were also killed, along with the two occupants of the car that collided with theirs in a freak accident on I-55 near Troy, Illinois. Carrie Lindsey was 50.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Sheriff Jim

Now that he's been re-elected, Jim Murphy (AKA "a boob" according to ArchPundit) has for the first time, an official website.

Murphy, 68, a one-time state senator, long-time ward 12 committeeman, and flood of '93 sandbagger (his house is on Tesson Court off Carondelet Blvd.), must feel pretty confident that Don DeVivo will not unseat him in November.

This Jim Murphy is not to be confused with former State Representative Jim Murphy, a Republican from Crestwood.

Monday, August 09, 2004

License Collector Pay

Isn't it interesting that Alderman Ken Ortmann was the sponsor of a bill -- Board Bill #107 (Committee Substitute latest version but not online) -- of a bill to increase the pay of the staff of the License Collector?

It's interesting because among the License Collector's staff is Ald. Ortmann's wife (and Ward 9 committeewoman) Pat Ortmann.

According to the minutes of the July 23 Board of Aldermen session (published August 3rd), the bill has moved to the perfection calendar.

Of course, in his role on the Public Employees committee, Ald. Ortmann has sponsored similar legislation for the staffs of the Collector of Revenue and Recorder of Deeds.

However, Ald. Ortmann was not the sponsor of License Collector pay ordinances in 2002 nor 2000.

So, why now?

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Poor Green Party

Poor Green Party. In spite of apparent web site problems, the Missouri Greens have ballot status in the City of St. Louis. As a result, they were entitled to participate in the August 3rd primary.

The Greens had no contested races in this primary.

And, in fact, several candidates for ward committeeman and committeewoman got zero votes.

Green Party Results - City of St. Louis 8/3/04 Primary Election.

Continuing the Democratic Party traditions, several citywide candidates also ran for committee slots. They include:

Don DeVivo, a Forest Park Southeast resident and Wellston developer of sorts, who ran for both City Sheriff and Ward 17 Committeeman; and
Willie Marshall, who ran for both Public Administrator and Ward 21 Committeeman. Unfortunately, in the Ward 21 Committeeman race, he received no votes.

Likewise, Ward 20 Committeeman and Committeewoman candidates and Ward 26 Committeeman candidate received zero votes.

Well, at least they're not running Ralph for prez this time around.

Who are they running, anyway?

Monday, August 02, 2004

How I'm Voting

City of St. Louis August 3rd Ballot

In case anybody is interested:

Amendment One: NO

Amendment Two: NO

Proposition E: YES (see my previous comments)

US Senate: Nancy Farmer (Note 1: Kit Bond cannot change his website currently, per Senate rule)

Governor: Claire McCaskill (Note 2: Bob Holden has no such restrictions - and has used that space to his advantage)

Lt. Gov: Bekki Cook

SoS: Robin Carnahan

State Treasurer: Jason Klumb (hey, he's young)

Atty Gen: Jay Nixon (no campaign website; apparently he doesn't need one)

US Rep - District 3: Jo Ann Karll

(Karll is the last name on the ballot, and a fairly progressive woman. Yes, she's from JeffCo, and yes she has no chance of winning, but this time around, I want to go with the underdog. Also, she does have some experience in the state legislature - probably more substantive than Russ'. Remember, this district was represented by a woman from 1953 to 1977: Lenor K. Sullivan. Joan Barry, while she is a former colleague of my mom's, is just too conservative for my tastes. Curiously, both Karll and Barry have ties to the infamous Pipefitters union -- as does most of working-class St. Louis, it seems.)

State Senate - District 5: Maida Coleman (I forgot she was up for re-election until I looked at the ballot online!)

State Rep - District 59: Jeanette Mott Oxford (with a flourish - I've had a yard sign since June!)

Circuit Attorney: Jennifer Joyce (I built her official website, after all)

Sheriff: Johnnie M. Chester (Why not? Although I was surprised to see Ken Griffey is also running? :-) )

City Treasurer: Larry Williams

Public Administrator: Gerry Nester (anybody who does this job without drawing a salary deserves to be re-elected)

Committeeman Ward 20: Mark Rice (not for state rep, but for this, he's ok)

Committeewoman Ward 20: Lorraine Ura (such a sweet old lady; never seems like a political boss)