Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Although a lot can happen between now and November 2004, Missouri Democrat women appear poised to take a number of high-level positions.

Robin Carnahan is running for Secretary of State. The name certainly can't hurt, and she's arguably the most visible and talented of the Carnahan children. The family of course is from Rolla, but the children now live in St. Louis, Russ a state representative and Tom a real estate developer.

In the wake of a citizen draft campaign, State Auditor Claire McCaskill has announced her candidacy for Governor. Although some might argue that this is a foolish challenge to fellow Democrat, Governor Bob Holden, the reality is that the distinctly uncharismatic Holden is very vulnerable to any challenger. Claire would be way more effective in taking on the Republican candidate, Matt Blunt, the current Secretary of State and son of Roy Blunt, US Representative from the GOP stronghold of Missouri, the Bible-belt southwest region including Springfield and Branson.

Claire McCaskill has been very politically astute, in running for (and winning) offices that tend to be popular with the citizenry. She was Jackson County prosecutor, then State Auditor. Both are positions that most people see as fighting to protect their interests, whether it's fighting crime or fighting government waste. She is from a political family as well, primarily based in the Columbia, MO area.

And State Treasurer Nancy Farmer, one-time state representative, and executive director of the Skinker-DeBaliviere Community Council, is making a bid for U.S. Senate, running against Kit Bond.

Interesting times, with the potential to greatly raise the profile of women in Missouri's Democratic Party.

So, maybe we can get a better candidate for the 3rd District US Representative seat?

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i hear they have some really great Branson shows!