Thursday, April 22, 2004

There sure is a lot of construction going on in St. Louis these days.

From the Delmar and Oakland streetscape enhancement projects, to the Forest Park improvements, to the MetroLink Cross-County extension, the western part of the City is just covered in dump trucks.

Of course, until a court intervened, the residents of the gigantic houses on Lindell near Washington University made sure no trucks passed in front of their houses, citing a nearly 100-year-old covenant.

Ah, how the wealthy can use their money to stymie progress...

Remember that slogan "The Future's on 40" - an ad campaign several years ago dreamed up by a group called something like "Citizens for Historic Neighborhoods"?

That was the group opposed to the Cross-County MetroLink extension going along Forest Park Parkway. I guess they're still fighting the battle every inch they can.

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