Thursday, June 10, 2004

Olympic Torch Route Longer, More Diverse This Time

On Thursday, June 17th, 2004, the Olympic Torch visits St. Louis.

In 2002, the Olympic Torch came through St. Louis on its way to the Winter Games in Salt Lake City. The Torch Relay Route then did not reach North St. Louis City.

The 2004 Olympic Torch Relay global route is noteworthy because - for the first time - it will pass through Africa and South America, thus visiting all five of the continents symbolized by the Olympic logo. Australia also gets a visit, since it has hosted the Summer Games twice. Likewise, all cities that have hosted the Summer Games are included, in commemoration of the return of the Olympics to Athens, Greece.

In St. Louis, the Olympic Torch will pass through or next to dozens of city neighborhoods and suburban communities, traveling from the Arch to Art Hill in Forest Park:

  1. Downtown

  2. Downtown West

  3. Lafayette Square

  4. King Louis Square

  5. LaSalle Park

  6. Soulard

  7. Benton Park

  8. Benton Park West

  9. Tower Grove East

  10. Gravois Park (just barely, at an edge)

  11. Tower Grove South

  12. Shaw

  13. Compton Heights

  14. Tiffany

  15. The Gate District

  16. Midtown (with a stop at St. Louis University)

  17. Grand Center

  18. JeffVanderLou

  19. Fairgrounds (just at a corner)

  20. The Greater Ville

  21. O'Fallon

  22. Penrose

  23. Kingsway East

  24. Mark Twain/I-70 Industrial (also, just at a corner)

  25. Kingsway West

  26. Fountain Park

  27. Academy

  28. Central West End (with a stop at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church)

  29. Forest Park Southeast

  30. Kings Oak

  31. The Hill

  32. Southwest Garden

  33. Clifton Heights

  34. Lindenwood Park

  35. Ellendale

  36. Maplewood

  37. Shrewsbury

  38. Webster Groves (with a stop at City Hall)

  39. Rock Hill

  40. Brentwood

  41. Richmond Heights

  42. Clayton (with a stop at Washington University Francis Field, site of the 1904 Olympic Games, and a stop for both the 1996 and 2002 Olympic Torch Relays)

  43. University City

  44. West End (just at an edge)

  45. Skinker-DeBaliviere

  46. Wydown-Skinker (at a corner)

This extensive route should provide great opportunities for St. Louisans from all around to show their support for the Olympic spirit, and celebrate the centennial of the St. Louis games.

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