Monday, July 12, 2004


Although I've been generally skeptical of St. Louis 2004 and was somewhat glad I missed the crush of people in Forest Park on New Year's Eve, I'm duly impressed by the free concert lineup scheduled for this summer on the riverfront. The schedule is being widely distributed - the Sunday Post-Dispatch had both a glossy insert and the A&E section was devoted largely to it.

The fun begins this Thursday and continues through August 21st (one week shorter than initially advertised, but who's counting?).
Performers include The B-52s, Liz Phair, Wyclef Jean, Lyle Lovett, B.B. King, and many more.

And since many of the big shows will be on Saturday nights, you can get the whole family there by public transit with the Zip2 pass from Metro transit. Only $25 for two adults and four children, all weekend, every weekend for the rest of the summer anyway (It was not valid on July 4th).

Those of us who bought monthly transit passes in June eventually got a Zip2 pass in the mail for free - although it did take until last week for mine to arrive! Nevertheless, it's a pretty good deal, considering that gasoline prices are inching towards $2.00 per gallon again.

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