Friday, September 01, 2006

School & Home

School & Home

St. Louis Schools Watch online reports the return of School & Home, the award-winning newspaper published for many years by the St. Louis Public Schools.

Download the latest issue in PDF format. It features a list of all the schools for 2006-07, including principals and grade levels.

School & Home was, I think, the first place I was ever quoted in print! It was summer 1991, and I was in the district-wide gifted summer school at Enright CJA at 5351 Enright Ave.

Every couple weeks, we had an assembly where parents were invited to see what their kids had learned. These assemblies were held in the fourth floor auditorium: a big, long, open room with folding chairs, no stage, no elevator access, and certainly no a/c. Indeed, only two of the four stairways in the building could access that part of the 4th floor.

I was taking a summer class on the US Constitution. A lady from School & Home asked me about term limits. And I said:

"I'm against term limits because I think we need our more experienced Congressmen to stay."

Or something like that.

My first publication came somewhat earlier though.

I used to love drawing mazes. I made one with Snoopy on it. For some reason, we sent it to the Channel 9 Kids Club magazine.

And they printed it! I was seven years old -- 7 1/2, to be precise. That was 1986.

So, you might say I've been a published author for twenty years now! ;-)

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