Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Even Elected Officials Are Not Immune...

Even Elected Officials Are Not Immune...

Spotted parked at an (expired) meter on a downtown street this afternoon:

A red Ford Taurus wagon with Missouri license plate "R-65"...

...it had a parking ticket under its left windshield wiper.

This of course would be the vehicle of one State Representative Fred Kratky.



Doug Duckworth said...

That is a low blow Joe.

Everyone lets the meter expire.

This is one area where smart cards would be useful.

Joe said...

Sure, that's true -- I was just impressed to see that a vehicle obviously belonging to an elected official got ticketed!

No preferential treatment is allotted by the City Treasurer's office, right? That's what it suggests to me.

OTOH, I wonder if vehicles with City license plates ever get ticketed? If so, I've never seen it happen; and I've seen plenty that were improperly parked.

Maybe the standard is different for state officials?