Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Overpasses To Be Fixed

Overpasses To Be Fixed

Last week, Channel 5 posted a copy of the MoDOT Request for Bids for the emergency retrofitting of numerous overpasses in the St. Louis area after the partial collapse of the sidewalk on the north side of the Delor Street bridge over I-55.

But to get to the juicy part -- the actual list of bridges -- you have to scroll to page 33 and 34 of the PDF document.

So here's the list in text format by street carried, re-sorted by route number, and sorted by distance away from downtown St. Louis.

Interstate 44

Nebraska Ave.
Grand Blvd. (two structures -- one northbound, one southbound)
Edwards St.
Macklind Ave.
Shrewsbury Ave.
Murdoch Ave.
Rock Hill Rd.
Sappington Rd.

Interstate 55

Gravois Ave./S. Tucker Blvd. (east of the I-44 split)
Gravois Ave./Russell Blvd. (south of the I-44 split)
Sidney St.
Pestalozzi St.
Arsenal St. (two structures -- one eastbound, one westbound)
Utah St.
Delor St. (well, yeah)
Holly Hills Ave. (already also has temporary solution)
Loughborough Ave. (two structures -- one eastbound, one westbound)
Weber Rd.
Main St., Festus MO

Interstate 64 (U.S. 40)
As it happens, most of these structures are scheduled for demolition and replacement within the next five years anyway!

Boyle Ave.
Kingshighway Blvd. (two structures -- one northbound, one southbound)
Hampton Ave./Concourse Dr. (two structures -- one northbound, one southbound)
Tamm Ave.
Oakland Ave.
Claytonia Terr. (underpass)
Laclede Station Rd. (underpass)

Interstate 70
Most of the older overpasses in North St. Louis City have already been replaced, but closer to downtown and in North County you'll still find the early 1960s bridges.

Walnut St.
Market St.
Chestnut St.
Pine St.
N. 9th St./Howard St.
St. Louis Ave.
Fee Fee Rd.
St. Charles Rock Rd. (two structures -- one eastbound, one westbound)

Interstate 270
I'm surprised there are still older structures on 270, but a couple remain.

Old Halls Ferry Rd. (North County)
Dougherty Ferry Rd. (West County)


Market St. over I-64 westbound on ramp from Pine St. (22nd St. Parkway area)
Kingshighway Blvd. over Clayton Ave. in Forest Park (two structures -- one northbound, one southbound)
Olive Blvd. (MO 340) over River des Peres in University City

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so MODOT is going to waste money to retrofit bridges on 40 that will be soon replaced anyway by the $535-million New I-64, as well as the bridges over the depressed section of 70 that will be later replaced with the $200-million 3-block lid downtown. No wonder MODOT can't even come up with $25 million towards a new Mississippi River bridge (MLK Coupler).