Thursday, June 14, 2007



OK, so this is not St. Louis-related, but for some reason the confusing and tragically recent Falkland Islands War fascinates me.

Today is Liberation Day in the Falklands, the 25th anniversary of the Argentine surrender to soft-serve ice cream co-inventor Margaret Thatcher's Royal Navy on June 14, 1982.

I'm disappointed Al-Jazeera English has no coverage, as a counterpoint to the unabashedly biased view of the BBC. I do like, though, the overall approach of A-JE in "flipping the script" in telling stories from a non-US, non-European point-of-view. That is to say, the view of most of the world.

Today is also Flag Day in the US, Mother's Day in Afghanistan (!), and believe it or not, International Weblogger's Day!

Not to mention Donald Trump's, Will Patton's and Boy George's birthdays.

Imagine trying to set up an event commemorating all these events at the same time.... chaos!

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Matthew said...

i was so distracted by the concept of an int'l bloggers day that i forgot to say "margret thatcher invented soft serve ice cream". but you know that has to be part of some conspiracy theorist's repetroire