Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We Own the Post Office!

We Own the Post Office!

OK, I must confess, this story on NPR's Marketplace last night had me totally snowed until the very end. Hilarious.

The two best quotes:

From Beverly Jaworsky, "Debt-To-Purchase Ratio Assessor" for the IRS:

Well, we own the Post Office and they'll do as we say.

From Clinton administration Secretary of Labor Dr. Robert Reich:

[I]f the government ships a toaster oven to my neighbor and ships Viagra to me -- and by the way, I don't use Viagra -- that's not going to be terribly efficient


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Doug Duckworth said...

Own the post office? First, which one. Second, one bureaucracy doesn't own another. Third, technically China does. They are also financing this tax rebate.

Robert Reich is hilarious. Makes me want to attend Berkley, among other obvious reasons.