Friday, March 18, 2005

Slay Poll

Last night I was called by a pollster for the Slay campaign.

Among the questions were:
(I'm paraphrasing the best I can remember, so the wording may be a little off)

Who did you vote for in the March 8th primary?

Do you expect that you will vote in the April general election?

What is your opinion of the following community leaders?

- Charlie Dooley
- Darlene Green
- Joe Mokwa
- Jim Shrewsbury
- Mike McMillan
- Raymond Burke
- Francis Slay
- Sherman George

How important are the following to you in choosing to live in the City of St. Louis? / Which are most important?
(something like that)

- strong Catholic parishes
- access to good jobs
- convenient retail shopping opportunties
- riverfront development
- good public schools
- diverse neighborhoods
- access to public transportation
- perception of safety and crime

Do you think the St. Louis School Board is part of the problem, or part of the solution?

What do you think the main problems are with the St. Louis Public Schools? (choices included things like funding, out-of-touch administrators, teacher salaries, discipline, security, etc.)

Would you support a proposal to change state law so that St. Louis University and Washington University could sponsor charter schools?

Would you support or oppose removing the St. Louis Police residency rule?

Would you support or oppose a compromise where officers with 10 years or more of service could choose to live outside the City limits?

Do you think race relations in the City of St. Louis are better or worse in the past ten years?

Do you think race relations in the City of St. Louis are better or worse than the St. Louis region as a whole?

A recent University of Indiana study called St. Louis one of the most integrated cities in the nation. Do you think this is true?

(and a number of other questions related to education and race relations, since I identified those as my "top two" issues among their choices)

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