Friday, June 17, 2005

The Cable Guy

The City of St. Louis is hiring for the position of Communications Commissioner: the overseer of the City's cable TV regulatory office and the City's cable TV channels.

This position used to be occupied by Larry Stone, who retired late last year.

The Communications Division, which the commissioner heads, is part of the Department of Public Utilities. This means the Communications Commissioner reports to David Visintainer, the head of the Water Division and therefore of the DPU. Soulard Market is also part of the DPU, because historically the public markets were considered a public utility function.

Anyway, considering it is a civil-service position and not a mayoral appointee, the Communications Commissioner can wield a lot of clout within City government. Also, the pay is quite good. While the current managers of cable regulation and City TV 10 probably have the inside track for this position, it is posted openly, not as a promotion-only slot.

If you're interested, why not apply? The deadline is next Friday, June 24th.

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