Thursday, June 02, 2005

Street Not Thru

This week, drivers in the Dutchtown, Benton Park West and Gravois Park neighborhoods are seeing a lot of new "Street Not Thru" signs and barricades on the streets. They include fairly well-used streets like Compton, California, and Nebraska.

This is courtesy of Board Bill #111, sponsored by aldermen Ortmann, Schmid, and Florida.

The Streets, Traffic and Refuse committee meets from 12 to 1 today in Room 230, City Hall (Leisure Room) to consider this bill; but strangely, it seems to have already gone into effect.

The following locations are for sure closed - I saw it this morning:
Nebraska immediately north of Juniata (just a little south of Arsenal)
Pennsylvania immediately south of Wyoming (by "Miss Blue's")

The following locations I haven't seen, but are supposed to be closed according to BB #111:
Compton immediately south of Osage (in Marquette Park)
Compton immediately north of Gasconade (in Marquette Park)
Osage immediately west of South Broadway (next to St. Alexius Hospital)
Ohio immediately south of Gasconade (next to Minniewood Park, near Carnahan Middle School)
Ohio immediately south of Arsenal (a block east of the Salvation Army, across from an auto repair shop)
Texas immediately south of Gravois (near Gravois/Jefferson; a popular cut-through route, since no left turns are allowed from westbound Gravois to southbound Jefferson).
Pestalozzi immediately east of California (near California Gardens public housing complex, and a sometimes-used cut-through between Gravois and Jefferson, to access the QuikTrip)
Juniata immediately east of Minnesota (just off Gravois, by Gravois Planing Mill)
Winnebago at the alley 1/2 a block west of Jefferson (by that new restaurant/bar whose name I can't remember)
California at the alley 1/2 a block north of Chippewa (by the city parking lot)

I generally support these barricades as a traffic and possibly crime control measure. I'd like to get one on my block, too! I'm quite amazed at how quickly this is happening, although perhaps it's been in the works for longer than I would know. The bill was just presented to the Board of Aldermen last Friday! In any event, these are only temporary barricades; the locations can be reviewed and reconsidered after six months.

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