Friday, January 13, 2006

Attention Transit Riders....

Attention Transit Riders....

This weekend, MetroLink service will be replaced with MetroBus from Grand to Wellston stations.

The buses will not serve Central West End station, which will be served by a 'shuttle' run of MetroLink.

This closure is to allow for testing a new track cross-over near Forest Park station, as part of the Cross County MetroLink project.

This will be in effect all day, Saturday January 14th and Sunday January 15th.

Then, on Monday January 16th, although trains will be running again and (supposedly) the new Forest Park station center platform and elevators will open, both MetroLink and MetroBus (in Missouri only) will be operating on a Saturday schedule because it is Martin Luther King Day.

Meanwhile, on the WashU shuttle system, Sunday is the last day of break schedule. On Monday (MLK Day) there will be no service at all; then Tuesday, January 17th, classes start again so the regular semester schedule is back in effect.

I think I'll mainly be relying on MetroBus this weekend; who knows what kind of (non-)schedule MetroLink will keep.

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Anonymous said...

It will be nice though to use the new Forest Park station come Tuesday. This milestone will be the first visible sign for many current riders that Cross County is indeed opening within months.

The next visible sign, and this one to non-riders (a larger audience), will be the reopening of the Parkway. This other key milestone is approaching faster than the optimistic Labor Day opening of the new extension.