Thursday, January 19, 2006

Berated on the Bus

Berated on the Bus

When I got on the #10 Gravois bus this morning for the first leg of my morning commute, it was more than half-full, so I sat near the back.

Sitting in the back row was a very likely mentally ill, perhaps homeless, guy who starting asking me for money and berating me, saying things to the much more reasonable guy sitting next to him, like "That pink man's eyes are probably red - 'cause he's the devil!"

Needless to say, this didn't exactly make me feel comfortable, and many of the other passengers were increasingly annoyed as he shouted his insults at me, and later at other passengers as well.

Around Tucker and Park, he got off the bus, and everybody was pretty relieved - including the driver. It seemed like one of the longer bus rides I'd had on that stretch! I swear we must have stopped at every traffic light in that stretch.

Anyway, it wasn't exactly a big deal, but after what happened on Saturday, I'm still a little on edge.

What a week!

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