Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Poor Bob Samples

Poor Bob Samples

Bob Samples is the long-time PR head at UMSL. If you're on one of their voicemail or email distribution lists, chances are you get plenty of messages from him. His official title is Director of Media, Marketing and Printing Services, and he has the honor of one of the easiest-to-remember email addresses around: bob@umsl.edu.

Today, he sent this out about 10:09 AM under the subject "Storm Update":

Power has been restored to all campus buildings. The offices and workout areas of the Mark Twain Building will open at noon, though the playing court will remain closed because of water damage.

Then, less than a half-hour later, came this message at 10:38 AM:

Pending further examination of the Mark Twain Building, the building will be closed to all activities.

For the uninitiated, Mark Twain is the 35-year-old box of a gymnasium, recreation and athletics complex located on the far north end of the UMSL North Campus just south of where the new Express Scripts headquarters is rapidly rising. January graduation ceremonies (such as mine in January 2001) used to be held there; nowadays most are held at the Touhill.

Even if folks don't always like what he has to say, at least Bob Samples says it with a smile. :-)

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Doug Duckworth said...

UMSL rules.

I always get wonderful emails like that.

It makes my day!