Tuesday, July 11, 2006



Typos... we all make them. Even in this age of spell check and grammar check, typographical errors run rampant.

But spell check cannot catch everything.

Of course, my favorites are when I see something like "pubic policy" or "pubic speaking" in a brochure or job advertisement.

Even the Canadian Government is not immune.

I'm really curious about "High-Technology Pubic Policy."

OK, enough of my dirty mind. ;-)

More common are things like this:

"No Parking Anying Time" (emphasis mine)
(scrawled on the wall near the Spruce Street dock at the Sheraton St. Louis City Center Hotel)

"St. Louis Metropolitian Police Department
a $34,000 PLUS Career" (emphasis mine)
(see in a high-quality graphic ad on the back of at least two MetroBuses in the past week)


Anonymous said...

Have you heard anything about Slay and Williams trying to get the STL public schools' accreditation revoked?

-rev_matt_y (www.theonymous.com)

Travis Reems said...

Maybe the SLMPD job was for a lobbyist.