Friday, September 14, 2007

Fish and Chips Plaza

Fish and Chips Plaza


Why it that when misting, the metal sculptures on the plaza across Clark Avenue from Scottrade Center smell so strongly of vinegar?

I'm sure it's not harmful, but it makes me feel like I'm at a fish and chips stand somewhere in London. Or more accurately, I am the fish and chips!

The official name of this plaza is Kiel Triangle Park; it opened in 1999. You may remember years ago there was a restaurant and bar called The Jury Room facing 14th Street on part of the site.

Look at this curious statement from the FY2000 Annual Report of the Bi-State Development Agency Board of Commissioners.

"During Fiscal Year 2000, we opened the Kiel Triangle Park, a magical passageway to city government offices and special evening and sporting events. MetroLink passengers arrive at a bench-lined promenade flanked by a bald cypress forest and a burr oak prairie. At the top of the promenade is a unique arc of stainless steel boxes that radiate light, fog, and steam, animate the plaza and create an interesting, exciting atmosphere that serves as a welcome mat to the vicinity."

Wow -- "a magical passageway to city government offices." If only it were truly magical, as in a passageway that rained down quarters, exactly enough to pay all your court fines, parking tickets, license fees and earnings taxes... and of course your MetroLink or MetroBus fare as well.

Instead, it just transports you to jolly ol' England... or perhaps into a giant ketchup bottle.



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Anonymous said...

I bet you some BSDA employee cut and pasted that magical description from the Gateway Foundation for their FY 2000 tidbit. Afterall, it was the Gateway Foundation that paid for Triangle Park on Metro's land.

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