Monday, September 17, 2007

It Wasn't Me!

It Wasn't Me!

From the Post-Dispatch:

"A one-car accident on Interstate 55 claimed the lives of a man and woman Saturday, St. Louis police said. Another man was injured.

Killed were the driver, Joseph Frank, 24, of the 7500 block of Michigan Avenue, and a 37-year-old female passenger. Both were thrown from their 2000 Ford Explorer, police said. Police have not made public the name of the woman."

KSDK has a photo.

It wasn't me! I'm alive and well. I was driving a lot this weekend, but not at noon on Saturday on I-55. Of course, this did occur very close to my house, so it is a bit too coincidental. But I'm just fine.

I think I was probably somewhere near Chippewa and Hampton at that time on Saturday, in fact. So nowhere near the accident scene.

I did drive a lot this weekend though. Kelly and I hung out with her mom much of Saturday, eventually driving her home from South City to North County. Then we headed out to Troy MO for an anniversary party of one of her uncles, in a relatively new subdivision off a narrow, winding country road. I guess that's what happens in a county without planning & zoning.

Sunday morning we bought a mattress on North Broadway. Then we spent much of the day visiting with my brother, along with my sister and mother, at his apartment in Chesterfield. He also works in Chesterfield, so it's not like he has a long commute at all.

Anyway, we had a busy weekend so I didn't hear about this story until this morning, first from a colleague in the office (also named Joe, as it happens) and then from Alderman Schmid.

So, everybody, I'm OK!


UrbanReviewSTL said...

I didn't read the article close enough over the weekend to see the name. Glad to hear it was not you --- buckle those seatbelts everyone!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Saw the article and wondered if it was you, but the age of the victim seemed off.

On another topic, in the 1980s I used to buy flowers at Joe Frank's downtown. Was this a relative?

EL of TX said...

Glad to hear that you were able to get mom and sister out of town for a visit to Chesterfield. Are you free to send brother's address?

tech_goddess said...

I was relieved to see your blog up!! I saw that sorry and it all appeared to coincidental. It unfortunate for the other Joe Frank and family. Glad 2 see u blogging away!! -Ms R

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