Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mississippi Ave Prediction

Mississippi Ave Prediction

With the closure of the Jefferson Avenue viaduct causing congestion on surrounding streets at peak-hour, and drivers to take crazy, zig-zaggy detours, I suspect that within a month of the reopening of the Mississippi Ave overpass above I-44, Lafayette Square-ians will lobby for "temporary" barricades to be placed on Mississippi immediately south of Chouteau.

Currently, Mississippi is the only street that passes southbound continuously through the Square. Dolman and 18th are barricaded at Chouteau; Missouri provides access from Chouteau to Hickory, but is one-way northbound between Park and Hickory. While I doubt much traffic is detouring this way currently, it might increase slightly when the overpass re-opens.

On the other hand, most suburbanites probably don't realize that route would take them straight to Gravois, only 1/2-block west of the I-55 southbound on-ramp. I guess we'll keep that quiet. Although I'm kind of getting used to taking Nebraska south across I-44 rather than Jefferson. It's just much less hectic. Too bad it doesn't go further north, say via a viaduct or grade-crossing through the rail-yards on Ewing. Not bloody likely.

Apparently, according to a client who was in the office the other day, Theresa Avenue used to be a grade-crossing through the railyards, but the railroads closed it off some years ago.


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It's true what they say about converts.

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