Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why Now?

Why Now?
I wonder...

Who decided to close the Jefferson Avenue viaduct at the same time as the Mississippi Avenue bridge over I-44?

Then again, one might just ask...

Why did I choose this week to start driving to work, my ridiculously short 3.5 mile commute up Gravois/S. Tucker?

Anyway, tonight because of congestion on S. Tucker, Truman Parkway, S. Jefferson, I zig-zagged home via S. 14th-Chouteau-Ohio-alley behind Flower Row (silly barricades...)-California-Lafayette-Nebraska.

And I still made it in about 15 minutes! I guess I should quit complaining. Even at rush-hour, city residents have it pretty good, because we know all the alternative routes.


UrbanReviewSTL said...

My once peaceful commute up Compton has been jambed this week due to the Jefferson closing. The Mississippi St closing has been messing up my normal routes as well for months.

Brent said...

Have you tried to walk or bike across the Jefferson overpass recently? It was downright dangerous. The Compton bridge was closed for a long time while they made obvious needed repairs so they would have an alternate for the Jefferson traffic. It sucks, but I can't figure out what took them so long.