Monday, August 02, 2004

How I'm Voting

City of St. Louis August 3rd Ballot

In case anybody is interested:

Amendment One: NO

Amendment Two: NO

Proposition E: YES (see my previous comments)

US Senate: Nancy Farmer (Note 1: Kit Bond cannot change his website currently, per Senate rule)

Governor: Claire McCaskill (Note 2: Bob Holden has no such restrictions - and has used that space to his advantage)

Lt. Gov: Bekki Cook

SoS: Robin Carnahan

State Treasurer: Jason Klumb (hey, he's young)

Atty Gen: Jay Nixon (no campaign website; apparently he doesn't need one)

US Rep - District 3: Jo Ann Karll

(Karll is the last name on the ballot, and a fairly progressive woman. Yes, she's from JeffCo, and yes she has no chance of winning, but this time around, I want to go with the underdog. Also, she does have some experience in the state legislature - probably more substantive than Russ'. Remember, this district was represented by a woman from 1953 to 1977: Lenor K. Sullivan. Joan Barry, while she is a former colleague of my mom's, is just too conservative for my tastes. Curiously, both Karll and Barry have ties to the infamous Pipefitters union -- as does most of working-class St. Louis, it seems.)

State Senate - District 5: Maida Coleman (I forgot she was up for re-election until I looked at the ballot online!)

State Rep - District 59: Jeanette Mott Oxford (with a flourish - I've had a yard sign since June!)

Circuit Attorney: Jennifer Joyce (I built her official website, after all)

Sheriff: Johnnie M. Chester (Why not? Although I was surprised to see Ken Griffey is also running? :-) )

City Treasurer: Larry Williams

Public Administrator: Gerry Nester (anybody who does this job without drawing a salary deserves to be re-elected)

Committeeman Ward 20: Mark Rice (not for state rep, but for this, he's ok)

Committeewoman Ward 20: Lorraine Ura (such a sweet old lady; never seems like a political boss)

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