Thursday, August 05, 2004

Poor Green Party

Poor Green Party. In spite of apparent web site problems, the Missouri Greens have ballot status in the City of St. Louis. As a result, they were entitled to participate in the August 3rd primary.

The Greens had no contested races in this primary.

And, in fact, several candidates for ward committeeman and committeewoman got zero votes.

Green Party Results - City of St. Louis 8/3/04 Primary Election.

Continuing the Democratic Party traditions, several citywide candidates also ran for committee slots. They include:

Don DeVivo, a Forest Park Southeast resident and Wellston developer of sorts, who ran for both City Sheriff and Ward 17 Committeeman; and
Willie Marshall, who ran for both Public Administrator and Ward 21 Committeeman. Unfortunately, in the Ward 21 Committeeman race, he received no votes.

Likewise, Ward 20 Committeeman and Committeewoman candidates and Ward 26 Committeeman candidate received zero votes.

Well, at least they're not running Ralph for prez this time around.

Who are they running, anyway?

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Yvonne said...

Don DeVivo is now a resident of Wellston and is a leach to the community. The only developing he does is planning to scheme poor people out of money and drain the community of resources. He has yet to realize we don't need dishonest and greedy people in public offices or in any goverment role at all.