Monday, August 09, 2004

License Collector Pay

Isn't it interesting that Alderman Ken Ortmann was the sponsor of a bill -- Board Bill #107 (Committee Substitute latest version but not online) -- of a bill to increase the pay of the staff of the License Collector?

It's interesting because among the License Collector's staff is Ald. Ortmann's wife (and Ward 9 committeewoman) Pat Ortmann.

According to the minutes of the July 23 Board of Aldermen session (published August 3rd), the bill has moved to the perfection calendar.

Of course, in his role on the Public Employees committee, Ald. Ortmann has sponsored similar legislation for the staffs of the Collector of Revenue and Recorder of Deeds.

However, Ald. Ortmann was not the sponsor of License Collector pay ordinances in 2002 nor 2000.

So, why now?

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