Thursday, September 02, 2004

Alan Keyes: Missouri Values?

The recent controversy over statements by Alan Keyes about Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary, just shows how crazy Keyes is. While Cheney may not like his daughter's lifestyle much, that doesn't make it appropriate for Keyes to attack her. Cheney is a very powerful man in this country right now; pissing him off seems quite foolish for a Republican candidate for Federal office.

But then, Alan Keyes has never seemed all that sensible. Recall that he was the only candidate who accepted the Michael Moore mosh-pit challenge back in 2000.

The scary part is that over 70% of Missouri voters probably agree with Keyes. This included 47% of St. Louis City voters. Or, at least the ones who bothered to vote on August 3, 2004.

Amendment 2 takes effect today.

So, perhaps instead of taking up residence at:
502 Garfield
Calumet City, IL 60409
(since it's already been challenged)

Keyes should try moving in with the highest-up African-American Republican in Missouri -- State Representative Sherman Parker, of
352 Mason Ridge
St. Peters MO 63304.

It would be a lovely birthday present for Rep. Parker, who according to his bio turned 33 this past Saturday.

Anyway, how exactly can the Hon. Ambassador Keyes call anybody a "selfish hedonist"? Please don't interpret this as a racist statement, but that's like the pot calling the kettle black!

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JMO said...

Hey, Joe Frank, 59th District Urbanist,

Your comments about Alan Keyes are right on target!

Regarding that final "pot calling the kettle black" thing though. I am certain that your intent was not to make a racist remark, but my guess is that phrase developed out of a racist context (i.e. it's an insult to be called "black"), so I recommend that we give it up.

It should join the myriad of other phrases that we catalogue as evidence of our oppressive past, but no longer care to perpetuate - "rule of thumb" for example.