Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Benton Park: 3rd Party Hotbed?

I love how the Missouri Secretary of State's candidate listing includes mailing addresses. Although most well-funded candidates list a campaign office or PO Box, many third-party candidates list home addresses.

The up-and-coming, relatively progressive South St. Louis neighborhood of Benton Park is home to three state-level candidates this November:

David Fry - Constitution Party candidate for Missouri Attorney General
32xx block of Missouri

Kevin Babcock - Libertarian Party candiate for US Congress, 3rd District
19xx block of Withnell

Jeanette Mott Oxford - Democratic Party candidate for State Representative, 59th District
29xx block of Lemp

While Jeanette is of course not a 3rd-party candidate, her election (she faces a Libertarian named Robert Christophel from Mount Pleasant in the far south end of the 59th) is very important since she is openly a lesbian and a tremendous left-wing community activist. If third-parties were actually viable in the United States, no doubt she'd be a Green or even a Democratic Socialist.

The other two Benton Parkers are from less-than-leftist third parties, but maybe voting for either Fry or Babcock would send a message in support of the concept of multiparty democracy. And since both Jay Nixon and Russ Carnahan seem to be pretty safe in their elections, it wouldn't really hurt them.

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