Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Closing Up - For Now

The Commonspace will close its doors at 615 N. Grand Blvd. for good at the end of September after a two-year run. The web 'zine will continue to exist and be published more regularly again, and there are plans for 'real life' events to continue at other venues. Keeping up with the rent and utilities of the former Crown Optical space became very difficult once People's Coffee moved out, focusing on its more profitable operation at the Mel Carnahan Courthouse 7th floor.

From an email to members by Brian Marston and Amanda Doyle on Monday:

"It has been an incredible two years on North Grand: we've held many
events that brought thousands of people together to experience
grassroots civics and culture at The Commonspace...and that's not even including
the countless meetings, book groups, Meetups and other informal gatherings
that it's been our pleasure to host. We've been lucky to get connected
to some amazing groups doing amazing work for our city and our community,
and to spend time getting to know many of you....

It has been our privilege to offer two years of our time and energy, on a
completely volunteer basis, as our gift to St. Louis. However, the character flaw
known as "lack of moderation" has meant that we've been single-mindedly
focused on this project and have put some important personal priorities
on indefinite hold during that time; now we're feeling the need to
return some of them to the top of the life list."

Several events will be held between now and the end of the month.

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