Friday, April 22, 2005

I Need a Heteroskedasticity Test, stat!

Last night's E.R. was new and dramatic. But there was kind of a running gag about statistics, between Susan and that one annoying resident dude:

"Did you drop the p-values? They want [blah blah blah] expressed as a difference..."

"Did you include the 95% Confidence Intervals?"

Meanwhile, I noticed Carter made some disparaging remarks about the state of HIV/AIDS care in Chicago, and I thought 'hmmm... the producers and NBC will probably be getting a sternly worded letter from the local HIV/AIDS service providers in Chicago.'

And, finally, they kept referring to a woman on a hunger strike against the INS. However, as many people know, the INS no longer exists! It's major functions are now in the USCIS, in the Homeland Security Dept.

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