Friday, April 22, 2005

Police Bleep

Well - the moment we've been dreading has come.

"The Board of Police Commissioners voted 3-2 today to revise the residency policy by allowing officers with seven years experience to live elsewhere.

The new policy requires the officers who do leave the city to live within an hour's drive of St. Louis."

What the hell does that mean?? That is totally, totally unenforceable. Is that at rush hour, or at 4 AM? At the speed limit, or at 80 MPH? I thought the "St. Louis County only" proposal was lame, but this is even sillier. So this presumably means they can live in either Missouri or Illinois.

I don't want to think about what this will do to the Southwest City (and, to some extent, Halls Ferry Circle area) housing markets.

And, it's "effective immediately." Lovely.

What's next? Perhaps a drive to amend the City employee residence rule, with the firefighters union taking the lead in seeking parity with police.

Well, at least Fran voted against it.

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