Friday, August 26, 2005

And the Post-Dispatch Confirms It...

And the Post-Dispatch Confirms It...

Famous-Barr to leave Crestwood Plaza - just like I said yesterday.

I swear this paragraph in yesterday's story was just recently added - "This will not be a new Macy's. It will replace the Famous-Barr store at Crestwood Plaza. That Crestwood store will close within the next two years, a May Department Stores Co. official said.."

The double periods seems like a dead giveaway.

Sorry, Westfield - a new AMC Cinema in front of the mall ain't good enough. And who goes to that stupid food court, anyway? Renovating it would help only slightly.

Actually, the AMC Crestwood 10 has gotten crappier and crappier over the past several years, in conjunction with the rapidly spreading crappiness of the entire mall. I recall that, confusingly, Westfield had a promo with many posters all over the mall for that Lemony Snicket movie last year, but yet the Crestwood 10 was not showing it! How dumb.

However, I kind of like having a multiplex - as evil and lame as they often area - attached to a mall. It gives people more reason to stroll around in the mall before and after the movie. If it sits out on the parking lot - an "outlot" in real estate parlance - it won't create similar synergy.

In any event, I guess if I want the multiplex-in-the-mall experience, I could always go to the locally-owned Galleria 6. It's even on the WashU shuttle. The food court adjacent to there is also being renovated, with a projected completion date of November 1st.

Granted, the somewhat closer-in Wehrenberg Kenrick 8 is even worse. I haven't been there in probably three years now. Just doesn't seem worth it.

The best movie-going experience by far is at the Moolah. The Chase Park Plaza Cinemas are decent, too, but not quite as cool as the Moolah.

The first time I ever saw a movie in a theater was in 1983. It was Return of the Jedi. I was five years old. I saw it, with a big group of my cousins arranged by my grandma, at the former South County Cinema, a 2-screen place on an outlot next to South County Center on Lemay Ferry Road near S. Lindbergh Blvd. It has since been demolished.


Anonymous said...

hey i used to eat at that foot court all the time. dance dance revolution rocks!

Joe said...

Yeah, ok, maybe I was a little too harsh on the food court. But I think they remuddled it a few years ago so it's not as active as it once was.

I'm just kind of depressed at seeing what I remember as a child in the 80s - not that long ago really - as "The Ultra Mall."

And, my grandma worked in the cafeteria at Stix, Baer & Fuller in Crestwood for about 20 years, until it was bought out by Dillard's in '83 or '84.