Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yep, Crestwood is Screwed

Yep, Crestwood is Screwed

Following up on my posting in July:

Today the Post-Dispatch reports that the new development proposed for the site of the Sunset Manor subdivision in Sunset Hills will be anchored by a Macy's.

So long, Crestwood Plaza Famous-Barr.

And with the announced intentions of Sears / K-Mart to focus on stand-alone stores, can the Crestwood Sears be far behind in closing?

Of course, this could just be grandstanding by Novus, the developer of "MainStreet at Sunset."

Barf. What a silly name. It can't be a main street - Sunset Hills isn't even a real place. Just a collection of shopping centers, super-sized lot subdivisions, a few industrial parks along Gravois, and one or two remaining mobile home parks.

Of course, I guess Crestwood isn't really that different. Maybe they should merge - they already have a single Chamber of Commerce.

Perhaps a merger of these two cities would be the only thing that could keep this ridiculous development from bankrupting both cities - Sunset Hills, sacrificing tax revenues to get it, and Crestwood losing tax revenues because of it.

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