Monday, August 22, 2005

Grow Up, Governor Blunt!

Grow Up, Governor Blunt!

Late on Friday afternoon, Governor Blunt's office sent out a scathing press release supposedly in response to SOS Robin Carnahan's earlier press release.

Carnahan's press release stated "I am very disappointed that Governor Blunt has not made protecting Missouri’s investors and seniors a priority by failing to include variable annuities legislation in his agenda for special session." The remaining sentences simply elaborated on this point.

Meanwhile, Blunt used this opportunity to bizarrely attack Robin and her mother Jean, stating:

"In a format eerily reminiscent of the attacks placed on her mother's
blogsite against the governor, his wife and five-month old son, Carnahan's
statement contains wild accusations and blatant inaccuracies about the
governor's record to protect Missouri investors."

Talk about coming out of left field!

Fired Up Missouri has more.

Apparently, the Gov doesn't understand that web sites like Fired Up Missouri and other blogs are all about promoting dialogue, discussion, and/or debate - something that his idol W. does not like.

"Either you're fir us, or you're aginst us!" [sic]

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