Monday, April 17, 2006

Crime Stories

Crime Stories

Something I've noticed lately about criminals and crime victims is that, often, they don't live in the neighborhoods where they commit crimes or are victimized.

Granted, that's not always true, but for example, I noticed that Bobby Smith, the 17-year-old Roosevelt student killed last Sunday night at Pestalozzi and Minnesota lived way down in the 8500 block of South Broadway, near Marceau Street in far south Carondelet/Patch.

Likewise, 16-year-old Roosevelt student Corey Blanks, killed apparently in self-defense by a cab driver in January near Nebraska and Wyoming, according to the Post-Dispatch report, lived in the 2400 block of Menard Street in Soulard.

I don't want to blame Roosevelt itself for these kind of situations; after all, there are plenty of good young people there. But something is amiss when students are being gunned down in neighborhoods within a few blocks of the school, even if they don't live anywhere near there.

Likewise, you'll find that many of the prostitutes who find customers along South Jefferson near Arsenal or Gravois, do not live in the area, but more likely in Illinois or in South County. And, of course, the customers of prostitutes and drug dealers in South St. Louis mostly are suburbanites.

Most of the people in these neighborhoods - regardless of race, education, income, age, gender, religion, ethnicity, or homeownership/renter status - are downright fed up with the crime situation.

I just wish I had an idea of how to fix the situation. It's so frustrating and at times downright scary.


Greg said...

I have to take exception to the comment of "But something is amiss when students are being gunned down in neighborhoods within a few blocks of the school, even if they don't live anywhere near there." when referring to the shooting of Corey Blanks. After all, he was the one robbing the cab driver.

I live in Fox Park (moved there last summer) and am concerned about shootings in areas near my house. However, I have yet to experience anything in the past 8+ months which has made me feel scared about the neighborhood I live in.

Perhaps I'm missing things which should be obvious to me, but I like to think that my street sense is fairly good having grown up in New York City.

stlmark said...

Interesting post, I too get frustrated by the crime. What makes you suspect that the prostitutes in the City are from Illinois or South County?

Anonymous said...

For prostitution, write down the license plates of any "Johns" you see stopping to pick up a working lady. Then, share the plate number along with date, time, and location with your NSO. The NSO will then look up the John's address and mail him an embarassing "Thank you for visiting (Place) of our neighborhood on (Date)."

Anonymous said...

For gangs and drugs, keep a record of the activity: location, times, suspicious behavior, description of persons and vehicles involved. Then, call 241-COPS, the anonymous gang and drug activity tips hotline.

Anonymous said...

For immediate police response, call 231-1212 if a non-emergency, and 911, of course, if an emergency. If an on-going problem, and non-threatening situation, the non-emergency number is likely better. Plus, you can call it regularly to report the suspected criminal activity each and every time you witness it.