Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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News News

As a member of the Communications Workers of America, I'm fortunate to also be subscribed to The Guild Reporter, the official newsletter of The Newspaper Guild.

As you may have heard, the buyout of the Post-Dispatch by Lee Enterprises has resulted in some consternation and many expressions of frustration from members of the St. Louis Newspaper Guild.

So, last month St. Louis guild members went up to Davenport to protest at the Lee shareholders meeting.

And this is the best quote of all:

"In addition to questioning the breakdown in benefits, Guild members criticized staffing levels that have fallen so low that copy editors no longer proofread the Post-Dispatch most days." (emphasis added)

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BifMeister said...

I have noticed many times that articles have typos, misspelling, and other errors that I am sure are a result of one of two things: short staffs or less than qualified staff.