Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gettin' Hooked Up on South Broadway, Cherokee

Gettin' Hooked Up on South Broadway, Cherokee

Yes, this headline was intentionally provocative.

We have many great neighborhood business districts in the City of St. Louis.

On the Southside, a number of them have new or updated websites.

  • South Broadway Merchants Association

  • Chippewa-Broadway Business Association
    (they're sponsoring a Business Expo today from 5 to 7 at the historic Chippewa Trust Company (1924-1976) -- a branch of Regions Bank these days -- 3803 S. Broadway at the Chippewa /Broadway / Jefferson wedge.)

  • Cherokee Station Merchants Association (OK, they still need help)

  • Cherokee-Lemp Historic District and Cherokee Antique Row Merchants Association (yes, those are pretty much the same area...)

  • For more flavor of Cherokee, check out the latest podcast, featuring The Tin Ceiling, a young innovative black-box theatre group based these days at the corner of Cherokee and Compton (3159 Cherokee) in the midst of the Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts next to a space called typo café. Although for some reason, one of the group's main founders, Robin Garrels, is not part of the interview. Ah, well.

    It's definitely an evolving part of the city. Credit Moore Design Group, longtime maintainers of the St. Louis Front Page and based at 3832 S. Broadway, with developing both the CBBA and SBMA web sites. The great Southside historian and tour guide NiNi Harris, of course, wrote the copy for the Cherokee-Lemp web site.

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    Susan said...

    I hadn't seen the Cherokee-Lemp website, so thanks for pointing it out. I wish it would lose the "street museum" talk though. It conjures up images of Disneyland, which is not what the neighborhood is or should be about.

    On another note, rumor has it that the owner of the Berlinger's Dairy building at Cherokee and Illinois is getting ready to sell. This would be fabulous, and would open up the space for a full service restaurant, diner or bar, which is needed badly. A wifi coffeeshop and bead store are planned for the building across the street from the dairy. Apparently one building owner on the street has listened to the "no more antique stores" plea.