Saturday, May 06, 2006

Siete de Mayo?

Siete de Mayo?

Tomorrow, Sunday May 7th, 2006, there are two pretty big events:

  • Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street (10 AM - 8 PM). This is the one that's not corporate-sponsored, but is sponsored by many of the local Hispanic-owned businesses. It's not downtown; it's in a neighborhood business district full of Mexican and Central American taqueria and carniceria.

    So maybe, it's two days late, but don't let that stop you from visiting Cherokee Station (that's what we call Cherokee from Jefferson to Nebraska, ya know). Go to Hispanic St. and scroll about halfway down the page for the Spanish-language version of the flyer entitled "Festival 5 de Mayo en la calle Cherokee."

  • The 7th annual Big BIG Tour (12 PM - 4 PM). It's sponsored these days by ReVitalize St. Louis, the current parent organization to the Rehabbers' Club (originally sponsored nominally by Metropolis and later by The Commonspace).

    The Big BIG Tour hub is the beautiful modern Central Reform Congregation synagogue at Waterman and Kingshighway in the Central West End, where mortgage lenders, realtors, and neighborhood organizations typically have info tables, but the 300 or so houses listed in a thick booklet you pick up at the front door, are spread out citywide. It's a rare opportunity to see many, many different for-sale houses all on one day, if you are so inclined. Normally, coordinating and figuring out when open houses are scheduled on a Sunday can be a real chore. This simplifies things greatly.

    Have fun!
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