Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's All Happening at the Zoo...

It's All Happening at the Zoo...

I'm always impressed at just how popular the Saint Louis Zoo is. After all, getting there when it's busy is not always easy.

A few weeks ago I was with some out-of-town relatives headed to the Zoo. We drove past the South parking lot, and ended up driving all the way around to the North parking lot, shelling out $9 for parking. I had no idea it cost that much now!

So it's not surprising that many people on a beautiful day like today choose MetroLink to get to the Zoo. I noticed some families actually walking all the way from the Forest Park MetroLink station into Forest Park. That's not exactly a short hike to the Zoo.

And they say people don't walk anymore!

More likely, though, zoo visitors try to catch the #90 Hampton bus to get to the Zoo.

Another option - returning for the summer on May 27th - is the #3 Forest Park Shuttle! Although the route is nowhere near as long as the old Forest Park Shuttle Bug which also served Euclid Avenue and the New Cathedral, at least it's pretty frequent. I hope it gets good use.

Too bad I have to work today... I wouldn't mine being at the Zoo, too! ;-)

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