Thursday, December 07, 2006

In Memory: Susan Foulk

In Memory: Susan Foulk

Former CDA housing analyst and former Dutchtown South director Susan Foulk passed away on Tuesday morning.

Services will be private.

I interviewed at one point with Susan for a housing assistant job at Dutchtown; later, at the City, I recall her as an exuberant, funny colleague.

She retired in March 2006; as did her husband Dan, after 23 years with the city, most recently at Lambert Airport.

Following so closely on the heels of the unexpected, tragic passing of John Rataj in August (recognized among others by a moment of silence at the East-West Gateway luncheon last month), this represents another blow to the CDA/SLDC/PDA collegiality.

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Anonymous said...


She was my library patron and surrogate mom. She knew all my boyfriends, all my funny library stories. She helped me understand her role at CDA and who I needed to contact to move forward on ideas in the Ville. I'm so sad to say the very least.

Thank you, Joe, for this tribute.