Thursday, December 21, 2006

Supporting An Incumbent Does Not Make Me A Conservative

Supporting An Incumbent Does Not Make Me A Conservative

You've probably noticed I'm a supporter of the re-election of Jim Shrewsbury, and of Craig Schmid. Of course I was also the website manager for Jeannette Mott Oxford's re-election campaign in November.

Also I always thought Pat Dougherty was and is a great public servant. No disrepect to Jeff Smith or the other candidates in that race, but I wish we could have kept Sen. Dougherty in the State Senate a little longer.

Experience does matter. I should know -- I'm still pretty young and relatively inexperienced myself. I make plenty of mistakes as a result. That's how we learn -- by making mistakes. It's true in politics, in your profession, in school -- and not to mention, in marriage! ;-)

Yes, I have personal relationships with most of the elected officials I just mentioned. Is that a bad thing? Politics may be about power, but it's also about people. If you want to get something done, whether it's for yourself or for a group or organization with which you are allied, you need to have productive, constructive relationships with the people in power.

Enough said.


I'll probably be off-line for most of the holiday break period from tomorrow onward. I may check email occasionally, but most likely won't post to the blog. So, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

See ya' in 2007.

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Anonymous said...

I too support all those named above. As much as my life has crossed Joe's and that could explain some of my matching support, I sincerely believe it's more so a result of all those listed above being among the most accessible officials in St. Louis. And that doesn't happen by accident. The very best politicians, at least those whom I admire, are found regularly interacting with the very community they seek to represent.