Friday, December 08, 2006

Names That Profess

Names That Profess

Here's something light-hearted for a Friday.

I noticed recently a contractor we hired had the last name Carpenter.

And I recalled our high school librarian had the last name Reading.

But would you believe there's a professor at UM-Kansas City named Dean who was, for a while anyway, Dean of Libraries there?

And if you search the Missouri "Blue Book" personnel directory you can find some other interesting job-name combinations for state employees, anyway:

  • A guy named Driver who works for MODOT.

  • A fella named Cash who is a tax auditor for Revenue.

  • A P.O. for Corrections named Justice.

    Sadly, while there are cooks in state facilities named Baker, and there are bakers too, there are no bakers named Baker nor cooks named Cook. But there's a guy named Butcher who works in food service for Mental Health. That's almost close.

    And I'll be on the lookout for somebody named Joe Candlestickmaker. ;-)

    I guess my occupation, then, should be as a hot dog.
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    Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

    A new dean at SLU (in charge of research, I think?) is named Dockter. He has a PhD, so it's Dr. Dockter.