Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lookin' at '07

Lookin' at '07

OK, so I have been AWOL for the past month or so. What can I say... the holidays are a busy time.

And for that matter, 2007 was a busy year.

On February 1st, I started a new job.

In March, my alderman Craig Schmid was re-elected... but my even longer-time associate, Jim Shrewsbury, was defeated during the Democratic primary on 3/6.

Later that month, my mother-in-law was injured, which ultimately led her to retire from SLPS.

Then, in April, our latest stray from the neighborhood who suckered me into taking her in, had three beautiful bouncing baby boys.

In May, Marti Frumhoff passed away suddenly.

And by July 4th, I had a full-fledged driver's license for the first time.

Most bizarrely and tragically, a different Joe Frank, about my age, was killed in a car accident not far from my neighborhood in September.

And a few weeks after that, because my wife got a new car that's considerably more efficient, attractive and actually has four doors unlike our '96 cargo van, I started driving to work regularly... just in time for the traffic to get worse!

Over the holidays, we had a number of major events, including the famous Antique Row Cookie Spree, visits to St. Charles, South County, and North County, and of course shopping trips.

So, yes, it has been quite a year.

But 2008 should be just as great!


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