Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funny Title, Serious Topic

I'm no Jay Leno, but this headline from the usually not especially interesting catch-all MU Info e-mail sent out weekly to all University of Missouri-Columbia faculty, staff and students was a bit troubling:

Adults Who as Children were Exposed to Their Mothers Being Battered by an Intimate Partner for Research Study

If that headline doesn't send mixed messages, I don't know what does.

I will not divulge the name of the investigator on this one, who most likely was not the author of that headline, but here's the other curious part.

"Participants will receive a Wal-mart gift card."

Of course, I probably shouldn't talk. Once I participated in a discussion about neighborhood quality-of-life in return for a Shop N Save gift card. At least I never had to donate (sell) my plasma -- yet! I have donated blood without remuneration, but only once so far in life. It was a bit frustrating experience, and then a few weeks later that blood collection agency I visited went out of business. I should probably give it a try again though.


maire said...

I'm sorry--I must be missing something. How is that title misleading? Here is a study that wants to take a look at intimate partner violence's effect on adult children. Intimate partner violence is a very big deal and we know that children exposed to it often are either the victims or offenders in their own relationships.

Concerning incentives, most federal grants use them to insure participants comply with surveys and interviews. We gave Target gift cards to some of our participants and know almost all our PIs here write incentives into their grants.

I just got home from Germany and am jetlagged so I admit I may have missed something in your post...

Anonymous said...

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