Monday, June 02, 2008

This Could Get Interesting: 20th Ward Liquor License Town Hall

Town Hall Meeting on Liquor License Moratorium
20th Ward, City of St. Louis
Tuesday June 17
6:00 PM
Cherokee Place Business Incubator
2715 Cherokee St., 63118
(#93 Midtown-South County bus stops nearby, at the corner of Cherokee and Ohio)

More information from Bill Byrd, Benton Park West Neighborhood Association president:
You may or may not have heard about a change to the current liquor license control ordinance.
The following information concerning specifically Cherokee Street
affects Cherokee Street from Iowa to Nebraska.
I would invite anyone who is interested in what is happening on Cherokee Street and how Cherokee Street affects the residential neighborhood areas.
If you're concerned about parking, trash, noise as the commercial area of Cherokee continues to come alive, come and voice your opinion.
If you're concerned about having a plan for business that will have alcohol as part of its business, yet protect the neighborhoods...being equal to both sides...then come and listen, evaluate, and voice your opinion.
I am open to any BPW resident who would like to talk with me about this issue.
Thanks to Pam Lanning from Marine Villa for putting together this information.
Bill Byrd
Benton Park West Neighborhood Association
A town hall meeting to discuss and obtain broader input for a revision of the bill (to be revised in 90 days) is scheduled for Tuesday June 17 @ 6pm in the Cherokee Incubator (2715 Cherokee).
All residents, business owners, property owners, and interested parties are encouraged to attend.
This bill is for the 20th ward of St. Louis.
To see the boundaries of the 20th Ward, click on the following link:

Map of 20th Ward
South Side Journal article
Riverfront Times article

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