Friday, September 02, 2005

City Employees Help Out

City Employees Help Out

City of St. Louis employees are planning at least two fundraisers to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Friday, September 9
CDA/PDA/SLDC employees
potluck luncheon for Katrina victims
proceeds to American Red Cross

Monday, September 12
9 am
City Hall Rotunda
Bake Sale sponsored by License Collector Gregg Daly
proceeds to American Red Cross

Also, E&A has announced that city employees will be able to donate to the effort via a one-time payroll deduction.

"Forms will be passed out to employees early next week. We request that you return the form to your payroll section by September 14, 2005. The deduction will come from your check on September 23, 2005. We are a very generous and compassionate City and we know you will do all you can. Thank you for your generosity.

-Francis G. Slay, Mayor
-Darlene Green, Comptroller
-James Shrewsbury, Aldermanic President"

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