Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Isn't That Special

Isn't That Special

Today is the special election for the 24th ward recall.

Whatever you think of the idiosyncratic 24th ward alderman, this recall is worth noting. It marks the first attempt at recalling a Southside alderman in the City of St. Louis.

Also, since it's only one ward, that makes it pretty easy to organize the advocates for either side. Ward 24 has only 9 precincts, and of those, only 7 have polling places. Several of those precincts vote at the same place, so there's really only 6 different places where people vote in the 24th ward:

Carpenters Hall
Wilkinson School
Mason School
Roe School (closed, but used as a temporary site for various schools at various times)
Dewey School
St. James School

Of course, this is quite a lot of polling places, compared with some wards. In my own ward, the 20th, where voter turnout is quite low, there are only 5 precincts. We vote at a total of two locations:

Lutheran Church Of Our Redeemer - conveniently located 1/2 a block from my house
Froebel School

In any event, this is an election to watch closely.

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Michael Allen said...

Hard to say what the outcome will be. Many folks are saying that Bauer is certain to be dumped, and I'd like to think that was the case. But the weather ain't great today...