Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pricey Gases

Pricey Gases

Well, it was inevitable: gasoline is now up to $3.00 in St. Louis, apparently approaching $3.50 in SW Illinois.

While I'm sure there's some collusion and price-fixing going on, I'm not sure Lacy Clay coming out and accusing Bush is particularly productive. I dislike Pres. Bush, but is this really the time for such grandstanding?

After all, we have thousands and thousands of people killed, injured or left homeless in New Orleans.

It just seems like a little perspective is in order.

Meanwhile, Laclede Gas rates will probably be going up significantly this winter, too.

I wonder if bus fares will increase again, even sooner than planned?

It's all a big, crazy mess, that's what I say.

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