Friday, September 30, 2005

Fighting Terrorists with (Tiny) Flashlights

Fighting Terrorists with (Tiny) Flashlights

Today I went to the MetroRide Store to buy a monthly bus pass for October. That's priced at $55 now.

To soothe my frustration at the relatively recent price increase, I was happy to get a free keyring flashlight. It's one of the $1.25 type promos that are given away by various companies. This one is bright yellow, and has both the Metro transit corporate logo, and the TransitWatch campaign logo.

TransitWatch was developed about two years ago by the Federal Transit Administration, modeled on Neighborhood Watch programs. Metro has only recently - in the past month or so - begun actively promoting the program, partially in response to the London attacks.

So, this flashlight will certainly make me feel much safer. If I see a package with suspicious-looking wires and batteries attached, I'll just shine a light on it. That'll help. ;-)

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