Saturday, October 29, 2005

Meta-Blogging; Roveing

Meta-Blogging; Roveing

My recent postings about metropolitan fragmentation and urban hiking may seem, well, kind of irrelevant giving the current world and national news.

This blog has one point of view - mine! Of course, comments are more than welcome, too.

I'm gonna try to cut down the length of my posts, both for the sake of my wrists and the eyes of my readers. I just get really enthusiastic about these hikes, especially when the weather is sure to turn soon - so I won't be able to enjoy it much longer!


Scooter Libby is out. Hoo-rah!

But, we all know he's not really going away.

And we also know who the real prize is.

I also have a theory about Karl:

According to his Wikipedia profile, he has an ex-wife named Valerie Wainwright.

So, maybe he just doesn't like Valeries?

I guess Valerie Harper and Valerie Bertinelli better watch out...

Finally, something Eddie Van Halen and Karl Rove have in common: they both have ex-wives named Valerie.

Likewise, NBC might have something in common with Rove, since they famously retitled a sitcom twice because of a dispute with Harper in the late 1980s.

The name Valerie, by the way, is generally considered of French origin. It means "strong," "fierce," or simply "valor."

Not a bad name for a CIA agent. (Hey, her name is public knowledge now, after all.)

Also, check out the hilarious online game - that does kind of require a speedy internet connection - "Brewster Jennings Saves America."

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