Friday, October 07, 2005

Politicos - In Living Color

Politicos - In Living Color

The City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen now offers photos of nearly all its members on their respective web pages in full color. Previously, only about 1/2 the members had photos on their pages; and most were small, black-and-white shots.

At least one ward has no picture, though. Of course, it doesn't have an alderman anymore, either.

Two other wards, 1 and 4, have recently elected aldermen, so there's no pic on those yet, either.

It happens, though, that both the gentleman from the 1st and the gentleman from the 4th are former Missouri State Representatives. So, you can find (slightly dated) pics of them on the web, if you dig around a little, like I did. For that matter, if you go back even further in time, you can find the former state legislature web page with pic for the former gentleman from the 24th.

In fact, if you want to continue this trip down legislative memory lane, here's the list of web sites for the 1996 Missouri House of Representatives delegation from the City of St. Louis.

  • O.L. Shelton - Dist. 57
  • Louis Ford - Dist. 58
  • Ron Auer - Dist. 59
  • Russell Goward - Dist. 60
  • Paula Carter - Dist. 61
  • Charles Quincy Troupe - Dist. 62
  • Dorathea Davis - Dist. 63
  • Nancy Farmer - Dist. 64
  • Tony Ribaudo - Dist. 65
  • Matt O'Neill - Dist. 66
  • Pat Dougherty - Dist. 67
  • Jim O'Toole - Dist. 68
  • Brian May - Dist. 108

    Because of redistricting (caused by population decline) in 2002, the city lost districts 62, 68, and about half of 66.

    And, more to the point, because of term limits, none of these people are in the Missouri House anymore. Several have passed away, but several others have moved on - either to "higher" office: Dougherty to State Senate, Farmer to State Treasurer, etc.; or "lower" office: the aforementioned Shelton and Troupe becoming aldermen.

    While you can debate the merits of term limits, there's no question they have had a dramatic impact on the makeup of the Missouri House of Representatives.
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